Federal Government Standing Offers
and Supply Arrangements

Integra Networks has developed strategic partnerships to provide its clients not only with the highest standard of services and expertise, but also with the highest quality products for their technology needs.




Workstations, Notebooks & Desktops Fujitsu E60EJ-11000C/006/EJ
Hewlett-Packard E60EJ-11000C/001/EJ
Lenovo  E60EJ-11000C/007/EJ
Thin Clients Hewlett-Packard E60EJ-11000C/001/EJ
Samsung E60EJ-11000C/010/EJ
Wyse Technology E60EJ-11000C/012/EJ
Printers, Scanners, Facsimiles Brother Printers EZ107-120003/001/VAN
Hewlett-Packard Printers EZ107-120003/003/VAN
Lexmark Printers EZ107-120003/007/VAN
OKI Data Printers EZ107-120003/008/VAN
Hewlett-Packard Wide Format Printers EZ107-070002/001/VAN
Hewlett-Packard Scanners EZ107-120005/003/VAN
Fujitsu Scanners EZ107-120005/002/VAN
Kodak Scanners EZ107-120005/004/VAN
Brother Facsimiles EC095-080004/001/MCT
RMSO – Print Consumables
OEM and Compatible Toners EZ107-12002-021/VAN
Networking Equipment Brocade EN578-030742/004/EW
Cisco Systems EN578-030742/001/EW
F5 Networks EN578-030742/009/EW
Palo Alto Networks EN578-030742/020/EW
Riverbed EN578-030742/012/EW
Servers/Storage HDS Call for pricing
NetApp Call for pricing
Hewlett-Packard Call for pricing
EMC Call for pricing
Lenovo Call for pricing
Software (SLSA) Cisco Systems EN578-100808/064/EE
Trend Micro EN578-100808/001/EE
Veeam EN578-100808/013/EE
VMware EN578-100808/002/EE
Professional Services ProServices E60ZT-120001/217/ZT
TBIPS SA EN578-055605/260/EI
THS SA EN578-060502/185/ZT
SBIPS SA EN537-05IT01/185/EI

We invite you to Integra NMSO May 2016 our Federal Government Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements document.