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Planning Your Cloud Infrastructure

It is no surprise that Cloud Infrastructure is here to stay. From the days when companies hesitated to move “off-site,” it has now become standard practice—one that is expected with timelines to completion in place.

And whether it is email, your phone system, your file backup system, or a fully hosted infrastructure, having highly trained professionals and an IT infrastructure reduces cost, increases productivity, and leads to better business process.

The question for many remains: How do you plan cloud infrastructure so that it is easily manageable and future-proof as technology continues to evolve? In this webinar, bluArc has invited Canada’s leading experts in Virtualization Solutions to discuss what companies need to consider when planning to move to the Cloud.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is needed to plan for licensing, upgrade paths, and hardware life cycles
    What is needed to calculate capacity planning and rightsizing
    How to convert backups to a complete disaster recovery plan
    How to identify opportunities to improve governance, change management, deployment, and more

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