Training & Education

Like any major project, the emphasis and attention is always placed on the result. After all, it was the newly implemented solution that was the catalyst that started the journey, and thus brought it to its conclusion.

Integra_Training Education

However, within any business process or system the human element is what makes or breaks the outcome. That is why at Integra we believe that training and education is key to any project. It is imperative that your team has the knowledge and expertise to use new software, manage new processes, and have access to all the tools that make their job what it is—and what it can be.

From working with your IT team on the technical aspects of the solution, to training executives on the use and interpretation of reporting mechanisms and methodology, we can help you achieve your business training and education goals.

Custom Training

We design a curriculum to meet the varied needs of the groups within your organization. We then draw from existing materials and develop new content to ensure we meet all your specific training requirements.

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