White Paper
Where Are You On The Path To
A Modernized Data Center?

Reports of security breaches, data theft, and other attacks against large retailers, global media conglomerates, and even nation-states seem to hit the airwaves on an almost weekly basis. And in nearly every instance, the response from the victimized party is more or less the same: “We thought we had it covered.”

Clearly, they did not. But this raises a much bigger and more important question:

Why not?

The answer: because enterprise security that was once adequate or even cutting edge just 5 or 10 years ago is overmatched against the sophistication and tenacity of today’s attacks. Still, many companies insist on forging ahead with their current perimeter-centric security, believing that such legacy measures provide sufficient protection for their networks—a belief that is simply incorrect.

This paper will discuss why traditional approaches to data center security are no longer effective, and why the reasoning that promotes such legacy approaches is flawed and out of date. Additionally, it will examine how micro-segmentation, enabled by network virtualization, is providing companies with granular-level protection against modern threats that are increasingly sophisticated and highly malicious.

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