Ensure your data center achieves a balance between system performance and security capabilities. Advanced virtualization delivers many benefits such as enhanced security of virtualized resources in hybrid cloud environments, reduced OpEx management and CapEx hardware costs, and fully automated and policy-driven provisioning across platforms.

The cost benefits of advanced virtualization are many including increased productivity and significant savings resulting from greatly reduced hardware and space requirements. In addition, to avoid compatibility issues you can now put your applications on a dedicated operating system on a virtual server, enabling you to provision a virtual machine for the exact amount of memory and disk access.

Our Advanced Virtualization solutions enable you to take full advantage of these numerous benefits and cost savings. They include:

  • An analysis of the IT environment – Depending on the complexity of your environment we can simply chat on the phone or embed an engineer at your location.
  • An assessment of current technology options – Virtualization is not a one size fits all solution set. There are many competing technologies, but we can help you select the one that best meets your needs.
  • Implementation – When it’s time to make the change we’ll be there to help. Onsite talent helps make implementation fast and efficient.
  • Support – Even after a successful rollout sometimes things come up. We continue to assist you by being there to provide ongoing support in any situation.

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