How Secure is Secure?

Rami CourtemancheIndustry

The importance of IT and Network Security in an era of ever-impending breaches Let’s face it, IT and network security is nothing new—we’ve been hearing about it since before the internet was even available to the general public. But in this day and age, the threats to network security are becoming more and more prevalent, and, therefore, more and more … Read More

Point in Time Recovery: Journal vs Snapshots


When evaluating different BC/DR solutions one important feature that users often look for is point in time recovery. The ability to recover to previous points in time is crucial in being able to recover from not only data center-wide issues, such as power loss or hardware failure, but logical failures, such as a database corruption, faulty upgrade, virus or user … Read More

VMware NSX™: Micro-Segmentation


Lately, we have been hearing a lot about micro-segmentation, and how it will revolutionize the way we design and deploy our applications in the data center. In most traditional models a standard three- tiered application (web, application, and database) would consume three VLANs and firewalls between DMZ/web and back-end tiers. While this model has worked in the past, it is … Read More

What is VMware NSX?


VMware NSX™ is a networking and security product from VMware that enables a whole new realm of possibilities for the data center. The idea of virtualizing the network enables organizations not only to introduce concepts and functions they are already familiar with such as security, routing, and switching, but also to introduce enhancements where the traditional model of physical networking … Read More

Government Year End is Here Again!


Like so many milestones during the year, government year-end—infamously known as March Madness—is a time for public sector procurement specialists and their respective vendors to work diligently to meet the upcoming year’s goals. However, 2015 requires a different approach as budgets and requirements have become far more stringent than ever before. That said, Integra Networks has over twenty-five years of … Read More

IT Business Continuity in the Modern Data Center

Roger DufourIndustry

While business continuity in the IT industry has been around for a while, it is still not widely understood, accepted or implemented. There have been many abject lessons about why every business should have a business continuity plan from natural disasters to terrorist activities to something more mundane such as a disgruntled employee. IT business recovery in the modern data … Read More