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Cloud Computing

Powerful cloud technology solutions for highly secure on-demand access to all your critical computing resources—no matter what your goals are. 

Cloud Computing

Your possibilities are limitless.

It all starts with a strong, seamless, secure and scalable infrastructure.

Enabling digital transformation by migrating everything to the cloud has never been easier. There’s never any need to worry about downtime or data losses—our Integra experts will oversee your entire migration to successful completion. In return, you get a transformative infrastructure that empowers your business to run more efficiently, better serve your customers, and increase overall productivity.

Private Cloud Infrastructure

Specializing in virtualization technology, Integra’s private cloud infrastructure services help provide computing resources exclusively within the organization—all within the user’s perimeter. Because access is completely isolated to the enterprise, this technology ensures more control, tighter security, better availability and more uptime—all while experiencing the endless possibilities and advantages of a public cloud deployment model.

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Public Cloud Infrastructure

Integra’s public cloud infrastructure services ensure resources such as applications, storage and virtual machines are available to users remotely, via the cloud. This type of infrastructure reduces organizations’ need to invest in and maintain their own IT resources onsite; plus it provides scalability to grow with workload and user demands.

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Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Integra’s hybrid cloud solutions help organizations combine private and public cloud services to enable seamless communication between each distinct service. Ideal for businesses that must adapt and change direction quickly, our hybrid cloud approach provides agility and greater flexibility to move workloads between cloud solutions as needs and costs fluctuate.

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