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A complete range of IT infrastructure solutions designed to ensure organizational efficiency, security, and digital transformation readiness.


Your organization deserves the best solution possible. Look no further.

Protect your data, reduce your footprint, enhance your network, and eliminate redundancies through the perfect customized solution.

Your IT infrastructure is the lifeblood of your organization. As such it needs the care and attention to ensure that it never fails, while simultaneously ensuring that it is running at peak performance and configured for future endeavors. Our IT infrastructure solutions are the perfect way to address every need, while saving you money and adding exceptional ROI.

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Backup & Recovery

Don’t fall victim to data loss due to cyber attacks, natural disasters, or even simply human error—having a solid backup strategy will save the day, and your business.

Our comprehensive backup & recovery solution helps plan, design, and configure SANs and LANs, virtualize storage, and configure backup systems onsite or offsite. Furthermore, our technicians are certified with all major storage software and hardware manufacturers—ensuring the knowledge required to suit your unique infrastructure. We can configure a backup retention period for a full backup so you have access to previous backups in case of corruption; we can compress full and incremental backups, meaning that you can retain more backups and reduce your data storage; we can encrypt with AES 128-bit encryption for security; and we can fully restore your data in the event of a disaster.

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Business Continuity

The chances are that a disaster, however minor, will disrupt your network if only for a short time. Do you have a strategy in place for dealing with such a crisis?

With our solutions you’ll avoid loss of productivity through affordable uptime. You’ll also avoid data loss and other negative business impacts including the cost of downtime, a loss of customers, and damage to your reputation and credibility. In addition, with a business continuity plan in place, you’ll avoid market share loss through uninterrupted delivery of your goods and services—especially during unexpected circumstances or an environmental crisis. With your business’ ability to continuously operate, you’ll reinforce your brand and your reputation for reliability.

We offer solutions for business continuity that include industry-leading tools such as VMware Site Recovery Manager™ (SRM), VMware vSphere® High Availability (HA) and Fault Tolerance. Integra seamlessly integrates such tools with other best-in-class solutions from different manufacturing partners.

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Virtualize your servers, consolidate server workloads, and reduce your data center footprints.

Our virtualization solutions ensure your data center achieves a balance between system performance and security capabilities. More so, they ensure that advanced virtualization delivers benefits such as enhanced security of virtualized resources in hybrid cloud environments, reduced OpEx management and CapEx hardware costs, and fully automated and policy-driven provisioning across platforms. From cost benefits including increased productivity, to significant savings resulting from greatly reduced hardware and space requirements, to avoiding compatibility issues—our highly advanced virtualization solutions enable you to take your company into the future of IT possibilities.

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Servers & Storage

The right tools for effective data storage management, as well as easily adding capacity to address constant data growth.

Our advanced knowledge, certifications, and working relationships with the world’s top server and storage manufacturers and tools, enable us to help you recapture and reclaim valuable storage, all while addressing and eliminating the challenges associated with data deduplication through either Software Defined Storage or Storage Infrastructure. In fact, our solutions deliver new and highly efficient and effective processes to increase density, and to provide higher consolidation ratios. These benefits reduce OpEx and provide cost avoidance on CapEx, enabling you to redirect your budget.

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Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Eliminate the need for separate management solutions for storage and virtualization, storage networks, and servers.

Within the IT environment, converged infrastructure technology brings together the disparate infrastructure elements that power business: servers, data storage devices, networking functions, virtualization, and management software. Now, companies require far more through hyper-converged infrastructure—representing a distributed data plane that delivers storage, virtualization, and networking solutions for guest applications by running across a cluster of nodes; and a management plane that enables you to administer all your HCI resources from a single view. With our hyper-converged infrastructure solutions, we help you simplify your data center operations, streamline deployment, accelerate IT performance, increase efficiency, and cut costs.

Unlock Potential

Immediately unlock potential in all your hardware by enabling resources to be managed centrally and automatically provisioned as required.

Centrally Manage Resources

Enable your entire data center to operate on software-defined platforms to administer everything from a single pane of glass.

Eliminate Inefficiencies

Seamlessly manage all functional elements at the hypervisor level to eliminate traditional inefficiencies resulting in lower cost of ownership.

Benefit Through Automation

Easily combine a multitude of data center resources through centralized management tools to greatly reduce administration functions.

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