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Cyber Security

Sophisticated security solutions to protect your organization at every level. 

Cyber Security

Mitigate threats before they happen.

Modernize your cyber security for maximum protection.

With today’s economy being driven by global connectivity and cloud usage, it’s more important than ever to have a foundation in place for thwarting costly data breaches. As widespread cyber attacks increase, so too must your ability to safeguard sensitive data, personal information, intellectual property, and more. Integra’s round-the-clock monitoring and security solutions give you peace-of-mind and ensure compliance where your most critical data are concerned.  

Endpoint Security

Often seen as the frontline of cyber security, endpoint security technology protects endpoints or entry points of end-user devices—like computers, laptops and mobile devices—from malicious attacks. Integra’s advanced endpoint protection systems eliminates security gaps across any endpoint and user activity by helping administrators quickly detect, analyze, block and contain attacks in progress.

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Data Center Security

Modern data centers including physical servers, software, virtual servers and more need a myriad of sophisticated security tools to ensure ongoing protection. Integra’s automated and flexible solutions secure the data journey to private and public cloud, as well as container environments, helping protect businesses from costly and reputation-damaging data breaches and other security threats.

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Vulnerability Management

Malicious attackers are scanning your entire network, so you must as well. Our systems provide visibility into all assets and vulnerabilities across traditional IT to legacy VM scanners to cloud, operational technology (OT) and container environments. Machine learning automation continuously predicts which vulnerabilities pose the most risk to the network—enabling enterprises to make informed, proactive, strategic decisions.

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Endpoint Detection & Response

Continuously monitor, record and store comprehensive endpoint activity data, empowering your security team to properly investigate and hunt threats in real time. Integra provides in-depth analysis to ensure automatic detection of suspicious activity—enabling IT experts to unravel entire attacks from a threat on a single endpoint to the threat level of the organization.

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Secure applications, users and content across the network using a highly optimized hardware and software architecture. Integra provides innovative, tightly integrated next-generation firewalls and threat inspection performance to protect Internet gateways, branch offices, mobile users, virtualised datacenters, virtualised desktop infrastructures, websites, and much more from any known or unknown threats.

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Network Security

To protect entire attack surfaces, enterprises need a holistic layered approach that integrates the firewall with other important security solutions and capabilities. Integra provides technologies, processes and policies to defend networks, network traffic and assets from cyber attacks, unauthorized access and data losses—ensuring all areas of the network work together as an integrated, automated and collaborative security fabric.

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Cloud Security

Protect your cloud data, applications and infrastructure from external and insider cyber security threats—whether all in the cloud, or as part of a hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure architecture. Integra’s cloud security and security management best practices help ensure businesses can focus on innovation and collaboration over the internet, without the added worry of dealing with malicious actors.

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