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IT Professional Services

A complete range of IT Professional Services designed to ensure maximum ROI from your IT investments.

IT Professional Services

Rely on the experts.

Regardless of need, modern IT projects are often extremely complex and require very specific skill sets to achieve the desired outcome.

Integra’s suite of IT Professional Services are the perfect way for government or private sector organizations to quickly address complex challenges and to expedite projects, ensuring that all business objectives are not only met, but also exceeded. Our 30+ years of IT experience, our highly skilled team of IT professionals, and our vast partner network ensure that regardless of the project, we can help you achieve any goal.

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Business Analysis

Whether the goal is to improve, guide or create new processes, help define new products or services, or tackle the ever-present need for a digital transformation strategy, our team of certified business analysts can help.

Our agile team possesses decades of experience—knowing how to perfectly navigate between business and IT to help bridge the gap and improve efficiency throughout any organization. From creating detailed business analysis reports, finding and defining challenges, creating exciting new product / service opportunities and solutions—we are here to help.

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Project Management

For every organization, having strong project management is an integral part of any endeavor—ensuring success from beginning to end, and beyond.

At Integra, our highly defined, proven project management methodology is firmly rooted at the core of our approach. That is why we use Project Management Institute best practices, applying them to the entirety of the professional services environment. In fact, our project management process clearly defines the goals and procedures for achieving client acceptance of the project deliverables—outlining the activities and responsibilities for project control, progress reporting, and issue management throughout the project life cycle.

For decades, we have been an integral part of many of Canada’s most well-known organizations, having been a key player in the success of massive projects. We have proven the value of our steadfast adherence to internal project management procedures, creating an unbreakable level of trust and commitment with clients.

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Training & Education

Engage through custom sessions and curriculums to ensure your team members have the knowledge and expertise to use new software, manage new processes, and have access to all the tools that make their job what it is—and what it can be.

When you invest in your team, you’re investing in your company’s future: you gain a competitive advantage, you decrease turnover, and you increase employee loyalty. At Integra, we believe that training and education is key to any project. From working with your IT team on the technical aspects of the solution, to training executives on the use and interpretation of reporting mechanisms and methodology—we help you achieve your business training and education goals. We can design a curriculum to meet the varied needs of the groups within your organization, and can even draw from existing materials to develop new content to ensure we meet all your specific training requirements.

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