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On average, there are over 80 data breaches each year. According to a survey done by Upcity, in 2021 alone, the number of data breaches jumped 15.1% from 2020. Yet even with the significant increase in security breaches, only 50% of U.S. businesses have implemented a cyber security plan. With remote and hybrid working models becoming more and more the norm, the need for proper cyber security is quickly becoming necessary.

In 2021 alone, the number of data breaches jumped 15.1% from 2020.

There are multiple factors to consider when implementing a proper cyber security system. First is the user experience. Unfortunately, many companies will prioritize security measures over the user experience, inadvertently leading to a great deal of user frustration and an interruption in work productivity.

In reality, employees who need to keep track of multiple passwords and use two factor-authentications, fingerprint and face recognition ID, all deal with work interruptions and inefficiencies. These forms of security prevent unauthorized access; however, they aren’t necessarily the most secure form of protection and often don’t work. In addition, adding these extra hoops and security measures to the user experience can lead to employees using shortcuts, which ultimately create more security vulnerabilities.

Second is the rapid pace at which the work environment has changed since the global pandemic in 2020. Many employees now work remotely on separate and potentially less secure networks. This rapid change in work environments has resulted in cyber-attacks becoming more sophisticated, which means security measures must also become more sophisticated to combat and prevent security breaches.

Cyber-security companies are now providing software solutions that will virtually authenticate users by recognizing any deviation from the user’s usual daily patterns, such as typing patterns, commute times, geolocations, and automatic paper trails. These modern-day cyber-security software programs work invisibly behind the scenes to secure your company’s privacy without interrupting productivity or impacting your employees’ user experience.

Third, cyber security programs now offer services that allow employers to control who has the authorization to secure information even when employees walk away from no log-out sessions. This control over users’ access to different information is incredibly innovative and makes an employer’s job much more manageable. In addition, security of this advanced level is essential for ensuring customer trust regarding private and personal information.

Despite the growing need, many companies haven’t changed their cyber security protocols in the post covid world. Some are not worried about the risk that cyber security attacks impose. Others plan on it but have not yet made it a priority or found a system that meets their needs.

The fact is Cyber security is no longer an option. In 2021, cyber-attacks cost U.S businesses more than 6.9 million annually. Cyber-attacks are at an all-time high and will only continue to increase. Now more than ever, organizations must invest in cyber security measures. With the flexibility and ease that modern-day security software provides, there’s no time like the present to invest in a security plan to protect your data.