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At Integra, we empower IT experts to continuously unravel entire cyber attacks—from a threat on a single endpoint, all the way to the threat level of the organization. And we do it using leading endpoint detection and protection solutions like CrowdStrike® Falcon Insight™.

Unlike traditional endpoint security tools that are often unable to see and stop advanced threats, Falcon Insight delivers complete endpoint visibility across enterprises with speed and automation. It continuously monitors all endpoint activity and analyzes the data in real time to automatically identify threat activity, enabling it to both detect and prevent advanced threats as they happen. 

Meanwhile, all endpoint activity is also streamed to the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform , enabling security teams to rapidly investigate incidents, respond to alerts and proactively hunt for new threats.

Here are a few key capabilities and benefits that come with using the Falcon Insight solution:

Simplify detection and resolution

Put simply, Falcon Insight makes EDR easy in five ways:

  • Automatically detecting attacker activities sending prioritized alerts to the Falcon user interface, eliminating time-consuming research and manual searches
  • Providing a comprehensive view of an entire attack on just one screen, through its CrowdScore Incident Workbench
  • Mapping alerts to MITRE ATT&CK®, allowing you to understand the most complex detections at a glance, shortening the time required to triage alerts, and accelerating prioritization and remediation
  • Delivering integrated threat intelligence of an attack, including attribution
  • Responding quickly and decisively in real time, as slowing security responders to run actions on the system before threats become breaches

Gain full-spectrum visibility in real time

Falcon Insight enables enterprises to see the big picture in real time, as well as recall endpoint activity up to 90 days—offering a current and historical perspective regardless of whether your environment has fewer than 100 endpoints or more than 500,000.

If you need to retrace incidents, Falcon Insight makes it possible: its kernel-mode driver captures over 400 raw events and related information for threat hunting and forensic investigations. And if you need to do queries, the CrowdStrike Threat Graph® database stores event data and provides answers in five seconds or less—even across billions of events. 

Falcon Insight also determines endpoint health across your entire organization with real-time security posture assessment. This enables IT to easily identify and update sensor policies and OS settings that are out-of-date or increase risk. Meanwhile, share assessment scores with CrowdStrike Zero Trust ecosystem partners for real-time conditional access enforcement. 

Realize immediate time-to-value

Because it is cloud-enabled, Falcon Insight does not require any on-premises management infrastructure. Moreover, customers can deploy the cloud-delivered Falcon agent to up to 70,000 endpoints in less than a day.

From Day One, it’s possible to hit the ground running—monitoring and recording on installation without the need for reboots, fine-tuning, baselining or complex configuration. And with only a lightweight agent on the endpoint, searches take place in the Threat Graph database without any impact on endpoint or network performance. 

All in all, Falcon Insight gives enterprises and IT teams the peace of mind to focus less on worrying about potential attacks—and more on other critical daily tasks.