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In a world that’s rapidly being re-shaped by technology, the most successful business and IT leaders are acting bravely and decisively to create change rather than wait for it. Today, VMware announces exciting new additions to its portfolio—from managing your software-defined data center in the hybrid cloud more effectively to delivering a secure virtual workspace— that make IT more nimble and automated, empowering you to deliver the apps that drive revenue and differentiation faster and more reliably than ever.

Realize the Potential of Comprehensive Software-Defined Data Center Management

The Software-Defined Data Center is going mainstream. And hybrid. Companies that virtualize compute, network and storage can gain even more power and flexibility when they extend their data center with public cloud services.

VMware’s cloud management solutions are optimized for VMware vSphere® and also offer a unified management experience across physical systems, other hypervisor platforms, and public cloud services such as VMware vCloud® Air™ (formerly vCloud® Hybrid Service™), Amazon Web Services, or those based on OpenStack. VMware cloud management solutions can deliver the speed and agility the business needs, and the control and efficiency IT demands.

The latest VMware management product updates bring all management products under a single family name—VMware vRealize™—as the next step in our management product evolution, offering a breadth of solutions that only VMware can deliver.

VMware vRealize™ Suite 6 – Offers a single cloud management platform that is purpose-built for the hybrid cloud. The latest release offers enhanced integration of automation, operations and business capabilities to enable shared services across products, and put more power at the fingertips of admins with simplified user experience. Learn More

VMware vRealize™ Operations Insight™ 6.0 – Extends intelligent operations management beyond vSphere to include operating systems, physical servers, storage and networking hardware, as well as new predictive capacity and project management across physical and virtual environments. Now smart alerts include automated remediation to take operations speed and efficiency to the next level. Learn More

VMware vRealize™ Operations™ 6.0 (formerly VMware vCenter™ Operations Management Suite™) — Features a re-platformed architecture that can deliver up to 8x greater scalability with unified management across vSphere and other domains. Analytics, smart alerts and problem detection capabilities identify complex issues and then recommend automated tasks that streamline remediation before problems impact users. Learn More

VMware vRealize™ Code Stream™ 1.0 — This new continuous delivery solution helps IT better support agile development efforts with frequent software releases and minimal operational risks. It works with continuous integration and DevOps tools as well as VMware vRealize™ Automation™ infrastructure and application services. Learn More

VMware vRealize Automation 6.2 (formerly VMware vCloud® Automation Center™) – Provides infrastructure and application services delivery with a self-service portal and policy-based governance. The latest release offers greater vRealize Operations integration with shared services for resource reclamation and service health. Learn More

VMware vRealize™ Business™ Standard 6.0 and Advanced/Enterprise 8.2 (formerly VMware IT Business Management Suite™) – Provides transparency and control over the costs and quality of IT services that is critical for private or hybrid cloud success. New, improved decision-making capabilities build on cost transparency to help executives act on powerful insights. Learn More

VMware vRealize™ Log Insight™ 2.5 (formerly VMware vCenter™ Log Insight™) — Delivers powerful log management across physical, virtual and cloud environments, now offering better integration with vRealize Operations to help improve performance and avoid disruption. Today, more than 20 Log Insight content packs are available on VMware Solution Exchange, supporting leading IT providers such as Cisco and Microsoft. Learn More

The first VMware management solution delivered as-a-service, vRealize™ Air™ Automation, was announced in August 2014. We’re pleased to introduce the second one!

VMware vRealize™ Air™ Compliance (Beta) – Quickly measures and reports on configuration compliance of vSphere environments. This event-driven change detection solution delivers a simple at-a-glance view of configuration compliance against a variety of security and regulatory content, including the VMware published Hardening Guide. Learn More

Gain Choice and Control with Hybrid Cloud

VMware vCloud® Air™ Expansion to Germany – The rollout of vCloud Air in Germany demonstrates VMware’s ongoing commitment to providing customers access to an easy, fast path to achieve the agility and efficiency of the public cloud, while enabling them to meet local data compliance and sovereignty regulations. Learn More

VMware vCloud® Air™ Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand™ Early Access Program – The vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Early Access Program will be available for purchase on November 17, 2014, in Northern California, Virginia, and the United Kingdom. Learn More

Experience the Secure Virtual Workspace for Work at the Speed of Life

VMware Horizon® FLEX™ – Organizations can now deploy and control standardized Windows virtual desktops to groups of employees that were previously difficult or costly to enable. IT can now give Mac and PC users, contractors and road warriors access to a secure corporate desktop in a cost-effective package without sacrificing security or corporate compliance. Learn More

VMware Horizon® Air™ Desktop DR – New cloud service that enables organizations to easily protect their business and ensure workforce continuity with affordable cloud-hosted desktops and apps. In the event of a disaster, end-users can be productive instantly, from any device, anywhere, with a secure workspace connected to corporate resources. Horizon Air Desktop DR is part of the Horizon® Air™ family of desktop cloud services (formerly known as Horizon® DaaS®) that also includes cloud-hosted desktops and apps. Learn More

VMware Horizon Air European Expansion – The complete line-up of VMware End-User Computing hosted cloud services that includes VMware Horizon Air Desktops, VMware Horizon Air Apps and VMware Horizon Air Desktop DR will now be available to global customers in France and Germany. Learn More

VMware App Volumes™ — Provides just-in-time application delivery to virtualized desktop environments. IT can use App Volumes to build a real-time application delivery system that enables applications to be centrally managed, always available, and always up-to-date, at lower costs and without compromising the end-user experience. Learn More

VMware Horizon Fast Track 2.0 Program – This new program helps customers accelerate the adoption and deployment of virtual desktops by offering access to validated partners, reference architectures and converged appliances for exceptional performance and predictable scale and cost.

  • Turnkey Appliances Program – Validated, converged and scalable appliances that help customers rapidly deploy virtual desktops.
  • Validated Reference Architectures Program – Implementation blueprints for storage, networking and servers to ensure interoperability with VMware Horizon.
  • Proven Storage Program – Storage solutions certified to offer predictable performance for 1,000 and 2,000 seat VMware Horizon deployments

The future belongs to the fast. The flexible. The brave. VMware software and cloud services help you transcend typical IT limitations so you can deliver the applications that drive your organization forward.