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The very word “tenable” refers to maintaining or defending against attacks or objections. And that’s exactly what our partner Tenable does. Cybersecurity is one of the existential threats of our time. That’s why Tenable has developed its series of™ solutions, helping thousands of  organizations worldwide to understand and reduce cybersecurity risk.

What is

Put simply, is a vulnerability management platform solution that provides visibility into your attack surface so you can:

  • Get a comprehensive, integrated view of enterprise security posture
  • Accurately identify, investigate and prioritize vulnerabilities
  • Manage and measure your cyber risk

Using advanced analytics, customizable dashboards, reports and workflows, organizations can understand their risk and know which vulnerabilities to fix first. Built on leading Nessus technology, gathers and evaluates vulnerability data across multiple Nessus® scanners distributed across your enterprise—and illustrates vulnerability trends over time to assess risk and prioritize vulnerabilities. also includes a configurable workflow engine that helps your security team speed up response and remediation, to reduce overall risk and streamline compliance. Meanwhile, its Predictive Prioritization combines data and threat intelligence across multiple sources, and analyzes them all with a data science algorithm that uses machine learning to anticipate the probability of a vulnerability being leveraged by threat actors. 

In turn, organizations get real-time insight to help with prioritizing patching, and to better understand which vulnerabilities to remediate first.

How organizations benefit from

Organizations that implement can experience five key benefits, including the ability to:

  • Identify weaknesses—by scanning network connected assets for known vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and malware
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities with the greatest impact—and understand the likelihood a given vulnerability will be exploited in the next 28 days
  • Focus on what matters most—by quickly identifying what patches to prioritize for the biggest risk reduction
  • Rapidly respond to changes—with configurable alerts, notifications and automated actions
  • Streamline compliance—for the widest range of regulatory/IT standards and best practices

True end-to-end vulnerability management

As a true end-to-end vulnerability management solution, is chock-full of features—far too many to include in a blog! These are just a few of them, but there are many more:

  • Vulnerability Priority Rating: Combines threat intelligence and machine learning to determine the likelihood a vulnerability will be exploited in your unique environment.
  • Lumin: Calculate and manage cyber risk across your organization, and see how you stack up against the competition with the Tenable. sc and Lumin integration.
  • Highly customizable dashboards/reports: HTML-5 based user interface satisfies the specific needs of CISOs, security management, analysts and practitioners/operators.
  • Broad asset coverage: Assess servers, endpoints, network devices, operating systems, databases and applications in physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.
  • Continuous asset discovery: Discover all mobile devices, physical, virtual and cloud instances on the network, including unauthorized assets.

Cybersecurity backed by world-class research

Stepping out in front of the curve of the vulnerability management cycle is critical to the team at Tenable. So is narrowing the cyber exposure gap—which requires a broad understanding of the threat landscape.

As such, is backed by Tenable Research: which provides world-class cyber exposure intelligence, data science insights, alerts and security advisories. Tenable’s Security Response Team (SRT) tracks threat and vulnerability intelligence feeds and works to dig into technical details and test proof-of-concept attacks—ensuring organizations are fully informed of the risks.

Meanwhile, frequent updates from Tenable Research ensure that the latest vulnerability checks, zero-day research, and configuration benchmarks are immediately available to help organizations secure their operations.