5 Top ransomware exploits that you should know

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We used to call the Internet the “information super-highway” back in the day, when connections were slow, bulletin boards and gopher were about as techie as it got. Those days are long gone, but something of the ‘highway’ has remained, like a bad smell, one that has come back to haunt us in 2017… The highway robber! The person who … Read More

Ransomware & Advanced Attacks: Servers are Different

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Ransomware and other advanced attacks are the scourge of the modern IT security team. If allowed to gain access to your IT environment, these attacks could shut down the organization, denying access to mission critical applications & data for potentially days, or even indefinitely. The result? The disruption of service delivery, lost productivity and a hefty hit to reputation and profits. … Read More

VMware Helps Customers Maximize Hybrid Cloud Investments with New vRealize Cloud Management Platform


PALO ALTO, CA–(Marketwired – June 06, 2017) – VMware, Inc. (VMW) today introduced major updates across its VMware vRealize® cloud management platform to improve software-defined data center (SDDC) and cloud operations and accelerate application and infrastructure service delivery across hybrid clouds. New releases include VMware vRealize Operations™ 6.6, VMware vRealize Automation™ 7.3, vRealize Business for Cloud™ 7.3, vRealize Log Insight™ … Read More

vROps – A Methodology for Authoring Dashboards


vRealize Operations Manager, as we know it today, comes packed with a vast array of built-in content. We have dashboards, views, reports, alerts, and a myriad of other content to help us paint the right picture for different types of users. Of this content, the most flexible, but daunting, can be dashboards. While it is admittingly easy to drag and drop some … Read More

Two-Year “Overnight Success:” How Lenovo Engineers Plan to Cut Our Carbon Emissions


A quick look-up of the definition of breakthrough describes it as “a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development.” Breakthroughs are certainly dramatic and important. However, they are rarely sudden. Rather, they’re the result of years or even decades of incremental improvements, so much so that when they reach the tipping point they appear to have happened instantaneously. To think … Read More

Avoiding cloud surprises with capacity planning and resource management


As a flight instructor, I always advise my students to avoid the cumulonimbus cloud, which is associated with thunderstorms that create unpredictable conditions and make flying difficult and dangerous. Throughout a 100 years of aviation history, flying in or near this type of weather often makes headlines in the news; with some instances worse than others. When discussing cloud strategies … Read More

7 Practical tips to prevent ransomware attacks on backup storage


The ransomware threat is real and it’s much more than just a PC problem. Here at Veeam, we see customers and partners encounter ransomware in a number of situations including the data center. One important part of being resilient to ransomware is being able to recover from backups. That’s the Availability you want when things don’t go as planned, should … Read More

How Secure is Secure?

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The importance of IT and Network Security in an era of ever-impending breaches Let’s face it, IT and network security is nothing new—we’ve been hearing about it since before the internet was even available to the general public. But in this day and age, the threats to network security are becoming more and more prevalent, and, therefore, more and more … Read More

DEEP DIVE & LUNCH EVENT: Implementing Zero Trust with 
VMware NSX and vRealize Network Insight

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At a time when the Internet of Things, the Cloud, and more are introducing new vulnerabilities, today’s network landscape makes security difficult and inefficient. We need a simpler network security model: Zero Trust. Prevent common and advanced persistent threats from traversing laterally inside a network. Tie security to individual workloads and automatically provision policies. It’s a network that doesn’t trust … Read More

Layered Cloud Security with IPS & IDS

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In the past, IPS and IDS have only been defined in terms of one versus the other. While each offer their own unique attributes, the key to success may lie within a blend of the two. So how can you decipher what is offered with the two intrusion defense tools? In this article, we breakdown the main differences between IPS … Read More