7 Practical tips to prevent ransomware attacks on backup storage


The ransomware threat is real and it’s much more than just a PC problem. Here at Veeam, we see customers and partners encounter ransomware in a number of situations including the data center. One important part of being resilient to ransomware is being able to recover from backups. That’s the Availability you want when things don’t go as planned, should … Read More

How Secure is Secure?

Rami CourtemancheIndustry

The importance of IT and Network Security in an era of ever-impending breaches Let’s face it, IT and network security is nothing new—we’ve been hearing about it since before the internet was even available to the general public. But in this day and age, the threats to network security are becoming more and more prevalent, and, therefore, more and more … Read More

DEEP DIVE & LUNCH EVENT: Implementing Zero Trust with 
VMware NSX and vRealize Network Insight

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At a time when the Internet of Things, the Cloud, and more are introducing new vulnerabilities, today’s network landscape makes security difficult and inefficient. We need a simpler network security model: Zero Trust. Prevent common and advanced persistent threats from traversing laterally inside a network. Tie security to individual workloads and automatically provision policies. It’s a network that doesn’t trust … Read More

Layered Cloud Security with IPS & IDS

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In the past, IPS and IDS have only been defined in terms of one versus the other. While each offer their own unique attributes, the key to success may lie within a blend of the two. So how can you decipher what is offered with the two intrusion defense tools? In this article, we breakdown the main differences between IPS … Read More

3 Secrets to Becoming a Cloud Security Superhero

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Learn how to leverage AWS and security ‘super’ friends like Trend Micro to create an impenetrable fortress for your workloads, without hindering performance or agility. Join this session and learn three cloud security super powers that will help you thwart villains interested in your workloads. We will walk through three stories of Amazon EC2 security superheroes who saved the day … Read More

Deep Dive & Lunch Event: Mitigate risk to your Data Center with the New Veeam® Availability Orchestrator

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Enterprises face serious challenges when planning, preparing and executing Always-On™ operations. Mitigating risk against natural and man-made disasters to ensure business continuity is crucial: manual tasks threaten data center business continuity as they are difficult to document and error prone. New Veeam® Availability Orchestrator equips organizations with a disaster recovery (DR) orchestration engine for enterprise-scale management and control of Veeam … Read More

Lenovo Converged HX Series: Why Lenovo for Hyperconverged?


Today’s enterprise datacenter can be one of the most complex business environments with dozens (for smaller businesses), hundreds (for larger and midsize businesses), and even thousands (for hyperscale businesses) of servers that must be managed and monitored. At this level, just being able to manage the cords can be a challenge — let alone keeping up with the growing need … Read More

The 11th Annual The Best of VMworld 2016

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Cloud has been the single most transformative phenomenon in technology over the past decade. It has ushered in an era of nearly unlimited choice for IT professionals, developers and business decision makers. You are not alone on this journey. Innovations in network virtualization, cloud-native apps, cloud management and digital workspaces have made this multi-cloud revolution possible. And hyper-converged Infrastructure has … Read More

VMworld: Trusted Security in the Software Defined Data Center: Real-World Use Cases Across VMware Platforms

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We know by now that the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) automates provisioning and massively reduces time-to-market for applications and services. However, many organizations are still relying on legacy physical server security to protect their SDDC. When securing your hybrid cloud environments it is imperative that you incorporate a layered security architecture that includes anti-malware, IDS/IPS, firewall, integrity monitoring and log … Read More

VMworld 2016: Trend Micro to Share Security Best Practices for Virtualized Platforms

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Case studies and real-world scenarios to be highlighted at conference sessions DALLAS & LAS VEGAS–Trend Micro Inc. (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global leader in security software and solutions, today announced several of its security experts will join other industry thought leaders to present at VMworld 2016. As a Platinum sponsor, Trend Micro will also provide attendees with insight into … Read More